Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Warrior Stands Fast

The reaction to Ted Cruz' speech at the #RNC tonight says much more about the Trump supporters than it does about Ted Cruz' character.  When Reagan appeared at "Ford's" convention and spoke briefly of unity, he basically did the same thing that Ted Cruz did tonight.  Cruz, highly insulted by personal attacks by Trump and his surrogates, could be forgiven, in a civil society, for not endorsing Mr. Trump. In fact, I'm guessing that had he endorsed Trump, his political capital would have been hurt far worse than it has by saying, "vote your conscience," to a room full of people who may not feel entirely comfortable with their choice.  And Group Think is a powerful thing.  Those who might have given Ted a pass were surrounded by boos and cat-calls and other unbelievably rude and un-unifying behavior and probably felt compelled to join in the popular uprising.  It is, afterall, far more fun to Boo and criticize than it is to defend a warrior to a mob.  And make no mistake, Ted Cruz is one of our finest warriors. 

I sympathize wholeheartedly with those who must now defend their vote against Trump as being one of principle and not a vote to install Hillary Clinton to the executive.  Donald Trump won his party's nomination by lying about Ted Cruz' character, demeaning his wife and then attacking his father.  Not once did DJT have to match wits w Ted Cruz one on one in a debate about policy where we could take the measure of DJTs Conservatism.  Nope, Trump proved himself to be a talented politician, avoiding a one-on-one policy debate with the most talented Conservative debater in the field.  It was downright Clintonesque. 

The Trump campaign had a chance tonight to mend fences, contain the rude behavior, and manage expectations; afterall, Trump knew what was in Cruz' speech.  Instead, in true political scorched earth policy fashion, they crushed Conservative voices and, once again, attacked our Conservative warrior.  Instead of taking yet another opportunity to mend fences, they chose to foment the rage of Group-think gone wild and, led by a delegation from NY that cannot even deliver its own state come election night, they sent out the surrogates to insult and demean conservative voices. 

Ted is a Snake, a Liar, a Scumbag; all these words are flying around the blogosphere wrapped in statements like, "It's Cruz' fault we're not unified!"  Huh, it makes scratching one's head seem redundant.  How is a Conservative standing on principle, calling for unity, and telling his supporters to vote their conscience as  Constitutional Conservatives not unifying? 

In the Trump world of group think, there is no room for dissent of any kind, THAT is how it is not unifying.  They know that their candidate is not a Constitutional Conservative.  If Trump had cared to unify his party, he would have told the NY delegation to hold their fire.  But he doesnt care. 

Trump doesn't care about Conservative thought, values or beliefs; he could give a crap about our Constitution and  the importance of adhering to its principles in the face of Alinskiite attacks on our society, and he could give a hoot about 1/3 of his party because that's not how he operates.  He is a take no prisoners guy and unity is not as important as building brand, destroying perceived dissent, and "winning" at all costs. 

So, to all those Trump supporters out there who seem to value unity and accuse Cruz of creating dissent, get over it.  Our warrior didn't create the problem, YOU did.  Keep attacking Conservatives and you will go down in the flames of November with nothing, very much like the NY delegation will.  Hold your fire, get to work, and start campaigning instead of frothing at the mouth to kill Conservative dissent and you MIGHT have a chance to beat the Clinton machine because, frankly, this election shouldnt even be close.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Off with Their Socialist Heads!

Self-proclaimed Socialist politicians like Bernie "Feel the Bern" Sanders should be required to read ALL of Alexander Solzhenitsyn ' s Gulag series while sitting in a jail cell.  I am outraged that in our country where we have been given the great gift of political and market freedom, where moronic men like Bernie Sanders have spent their lives immersed in the bossom of capitalism while complaining of its inequities, we do not punish this rank stupidity in the face of Socialism ' s failures. 

NO!  The "rest of the civilized world" does not have socialized medicine!  NO! Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland are NOT "democratic socialist" countries.  In fact, there is a great book just out that addresses the development of these market economies and it's thesis is that after many years of the Socialist experiment, these governments are moving away from the failed nanny - state policies that slowed growth and productivity toward capitalist free-market economics. 

As I watch the utter failure of yet another Socialist experiment resulting in massive human suffering, my anger Is palpable.  I am tired of not only watching the human suffering resulting from Socialism ' s inevitable slide into despotic tyranny, but also having to watch as free Americans who don't have to rob trucks for food practically BEG for the same policies from our political elite Leftists who use cute slogans like "Feel The Bern," to market dangerous political policies to people who have been educated in schools that no longer teach history, which they are doomed now to repeat.  I do not want to go with them. Nor do I want my country to become a Socialist haven like Venezuela.

I'm suggesting that Socialism is dangerous, creates opportunity for despots and that yes, no government at all would be better than giving a central authority the power to ruin so many lives.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I say, "Bump, Bump, Chumps for Trump!"

This is my anti-Trump bump, a white-girl rap that will insult the Trump Chumps as much as I am willing to insult them at this time.  I'm excited that you're excited...I am.  But, wow, really?  Is he two?  His last rant consisted of "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" language usually reserved for the kindergarten playground.  

When asked what Conservatism meant to him, he drew a blank; and his business dealings will out...he can't hide them forever.  Hopefully, his mob connections will give Hillary pause before she orders her own hit on the man.  Oh, I know, my Lib friends are exclaiming, drawing in deep breaths, etc., but just consider:  I'm not saying Trump's not corrupt, I'm pretty sure he's corruptible, but COME ON... Hillary?!

And the Birther Crap, I cannot tolerate it!.  It is purely and simply crap, and if you are going to bring it up, then you need to read, alot, but mainly this:

The word "Chump" came to me as I listened to Trump backtrack on HB1 Visas.  The argument that we do not have enough young workers trained in Science, Mathmatics and Computer Programming is a lie perpetrated by those who wish to defend the status quo in STEP industry wage levels, which have remained flat through the last 10 years. 

Stagnant wages in STEP industry jobs directly correlate to HB1 Visas causing demand for these jobs to increase.  Do you think that the big software companies and tech industry giants need a government subsidy in the form of foreign workers who will accept low wages?  Yeah, me either.  Cruz has come out firmly, as usual, on the right side of this issue. 

But my guy isn't a bombastic Scot with crazy hair, years of reality TV brand recognition, and an unending supply of cash.  Instead, he was the valedictorian of his high school class, he's had to work at being "cool," and he pissed off the establishment when he stood against a vote proposed by Sen. McConnell to trick voters into thinking their chosen Senators were supporting something when they were not. 

McConnell,  in fact, berated Cruz in front of his colleagues and when the vote came down, only Mike Lee from UT and Ted Cruz voted correctly.  Even Rand Paul blew that one. 

Cruz graduated Summa Cum Laud from his Harvard class after serving as the President of the Law Review and as if that weren't enough, he went on to clerk for William Renquist, one of the most brilliant jurists our Supreme Court has ever known.  Renquist insisted that Cruz learn to play tennis and though he was awful at the game, he took lessons and learned to play because it was important to be present in the justice's downtime in order to better understand him. 

After leaving the clerkship, Cruz brought nine cases before the court and he did not lose one.  He remembers everything he ever hears, which has a name that I can't remember, but the point is that he is conservative, brilliant, and tireless in his defense of our Bill of Rights.  And we need that now.

He faces an uphill battle with a public easily swayed by charisma and brand and a media that pretends Cruz doesn't exist.  In a discussion about who might beat Donald Trump on Fox news this past weekend, Dagan McDowell opined that "women don't like to listen to Ted Cruz." Maybe she's right, maybe we have come to the time in our society when, if you are not acceptable by media standards, and you don't have all the right moves, you can't win the nomination.  Frankly, Dagan McDowell, given her strange looks and bizarre voice, should give Ted Cruz a break.

And, Dagan, I like listening to serious, intelligent, trustworthy people who say what they mean and then DO what they say they will do,  and Ted Cruz is that guy.  Whether the rest of the Conservative base will wake up and vote for the right guy, we will not know for a while yet.  But one thing is for certain-sure!  If the nominee is Trump, I will don my "Chump" hat and vote with the rest of the Trump Chumps, no matter what.

Alex Jones is an Operative for the Republican Establishment

I know, controversial, right?  Well, I think that based on Alex Jones' accusation that Ted Cruz is an Republican-Establishment Spy is pretty much the nuttiest thing I've heard yet.  God forbid there be some nth degree of separation that associates Ted Cruz with the Bush family (who are evil incarnate...and I'm not yet convinced that is true, but I'm willing to look at any evidence anyone has) because Ted, THEREFORE, must be an operative, a spy, or something worse, an establishment whore.

Would someone bash me over the head with a cast iron frying pan, please?!  I'm sure that I've missed something crucial in my efforts to simply BE a conservative.  Alex says, "I don't screw anybody over..."  HA!  When you spout the kind of accusations the day of a primary election against one particular candidate, you are screwing them over, Alex (said with my best disdain-ridden voice, perhaps with a little spit on the X)  Fortunately, I think that Alex has a small reach; though he will assure you he has many big-time requests for his show (which he distributes as a public service...for free; news organizations are encouraged to use the blank spaces in his show for advertising).  OK, I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that if this were quality content, he would ask people to pay.

And what is up with the Schlafly/Sessions/Coulter folks?  Oh, I suppose they look at the Trump campaign as political Nirvana where free trade means fair trade.  Well, great.  So, we're going to go back to the heady days of Smoot-Hawley.  For those of you who remember your 9th grade Civics class, Smoot-Hawley is the economic proof that when you pick winners and losers in the trade arena, you usually end up being the loser.  "But," the proponents argue,"Tariffs don't have to be like Smoot-Hawley, we can use formulas to determine 'fair' trade, i.e., if a foreign country pays its folks .25cents/hr, it gets docked."

OK, but when have you EVER known a politician to stop at one sensible rule.  They never do.  So, I now have to trust a candidate who's claim to fame is saying "You're Fired!" on a reality TV show to propose nuanced trade policy?  OK, he wrote a book (one of my favorites), but that doesn't mean that I think that Trump is the right guy to tread carefully in the Fair Trade arena.  Do you?  I guess that's my question.  It's a matter of Trust.

And Conservatives, yet again, have been tested post-Reagan and they have failed.  It's the Conservative, Dummies!  Vote for the Conservative!  He's not hard to spot since he's the only one in the field; well, except for Carson, but I'm thinking at this point that Carson needs to vacate his run for President.  Pick your issue: Immigration, Trade, Economy, Cruz has done nothing but be Conservative.  He's not a shill for the establishment, he's not a Catholic-hating Evangelist, and he fought against the Gang of Eight, Ann Coulter, in case you're reading this (I hear she reads my Blog religiously).

What he IS, is a Conservative, Harvard SCL graduate who has won every case he has fought for in the Supreme Court (nine by last count).  He's a Dad, husband, and Senator from the great state of Texas, and he deserves Conservative support.  As for Alex Jones, who is that guy?  And what planet does he come from?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why My Family & Friends in NH Should Vote for Ted Cruz

Novelty, charisma, bombast: these characteristics make for star-power in the sound-bite media culture that Donald Trump has spent years mastering.  My initial reaction to Trump's entry into the 2016 presidential race was excitement.  I have to admit that the thought of having a business man in the Executive position in our government is very attractive.  And when Trump says things like, "We'll hire the best people to run these agencies," etc., I look of the mucky mess we currently put up with in our government offices and I experience a spark of hope.  It's been so LONG since I've had that spark of hope and Obama has made so many extra-Constitutional, regulation-heavy decisions that it feels GOOD to have that spark of hope.  Read my last Blog post; I have divorced myself from the Executive branch of my government, and it was an emotional divorce!  My empathy toward Trump voters is real; but we Conservatives must not vote for Donald Trump.

I did not come to this decision lightly.  I enjoyed being a Trump voter, however fleeting.  The heady days of Reagan returned to my soul and I remembered the excitement that voting for a charismatic leader engendered.  We could have Ronald Reagan, or something like a Ronald Reagan victory again!  So, here I was thinking that life was looking up from my political perspective and BAM, I received a reality check in one sound bite (which seems appropriate).  In a televised interview, an msnbc reporter asked Mr. Trump what Conservatism meant to him.  Easy, right?  Small government, adherence to a political system of small r republicanism by following the Constitution, free market capitalism as the vehicle to bring prosperity to all people, god-given rights, etc.  You probably have some idea of why you're a conservative, right?  Well, I'm telling you right now that your answer would have been better than Donald Trump's answer was.  He was obviously thrown...shaken by the most basic question that a reporter can ask a politician!  Hell, the only part of his answer that made any sense at all was his mentioning conservation of the environment (which we as Conservatives often forget to talk about).  It was bunk, pure and simple.  He had no idea why he's a "Conservative."  He has probably since been educated, or at least, I hope they've educated him; but it's too late.  I already know that Trump is not a Conservative...not really.

I would probably have voted for him anyway, because I want to win!  I want to crush those little socialist idiots into dust, period.  But it kept bothering me.  I've read both of these men's books.  Donald Trump's books have always been interesting and fun, but I had to make myself read Ted Cruz's book.  By page 2, I was already enjoying the narrative.  Not only does his family's history provide for good reading, but he writes extremely well, never leaving the reader to slog through boring sentences.  Every chapter in his book was interesting, pertinent, and told a story.  He's an open book, to those who read his tome.  Donald has a very different style.  He's not going to let you into his innermost thoughts; you are an observer and a pretty lowly one at that and certainly one that has a lot to learn, in his opinion.

It was a combination of writing style, the Conservative question, and a conversation I was having in my mind with my late step-father, Bob, who would reside solidly on the side of Ted Cruz.  He would tell me that consistency means something in politics; that it's not a popularity contest, in fact, Reagan was a hated man, an intractable dumb cowboy ex-governor/actor who would destroy the world with one press of the red button; that we have watched Ted Cruz buck the establishment every step of the way.  He was elected by the grass roots voters of Texas who sent their donations in small denominations to a campaign waged against an establishment billionaire incumbent.  Cruz told the folks who sent in their checks $25 at a time that he would fight for Constitutional rights, strong borders, and the invasive, abusive, intrusive behemoth, Obamacare, which he said he would fight with his heart and sole to repeal.  We have a Senator here in Montana, Steve Daines, who promised the same thing.  He did not deliver.  The ONLY politician who has delivered any of what he said he was going to deliver is Ted Cruz.  Go look at his rating on Conservative; he is one of a few Senators with an A rating.  My Senator Daines, who ran as a Tea Party Conservative has a D.  That's what you get when the grass roots gets swept aside.

So, this is the time to elect the one person in this race who is in politics because the people supported him, one vote, one check and one conversation at a time.  He did what he said he was going to do: he fought against Obamacare, he fought against "Immigration Reform" that we all KNEW was a bad idea (supported strongly by Marco Rubio...but don't get me started on him...he should NOT be President, but I think that's obvious), and, most importantly, he stood up to the establishment leadership of the Republican Party who, if you remember...think about it, it will make your blood boil...made deals with President Obama that increased our government debt by about a Trillion, and passed crucial legislation for the green energy folks (resulting in the loss of 800 coal jobs just the other day), among a thousand other things that grew our government, yet again.  Cruz told McConnell he was a liar and McConnell doesn't like him anymore, therefore nobody likes him anymore?  No, McConnell (who is one of this world's biggest idiots) doesn't like him because Cruz called him on the carpet; that's who doesn't like him any more.

Finally, Donald Trump is a Twitter-addict who thinks that he can use star-power to win an election instead of a good old fashioned political ground-game.  His stream-of-consciousness tweeting has clearly shown his childish tendencies.  Honestly, his sons should hide his phone.  Or worse, maybe it's not him!  No, I think it is; only the Don would say stuff like that and then proceed forward as if everything were just great.  After destroying Ben Carson by going on and on about the knife incident in an interview and many town hall gatherings, saying what a psychopath Ben used to be and how that never goes away and how we couldn't trust him because he might be like a pedophile (yep, remember that one?).  That's why Ben's numbers in Iowa tanked!  So, I had to laugh when there was Trump, being interviewed about the Iowa caucuses saying that Ben was such a great guy and so respected, how could Cruz do something so awful to tweet that Ben was not headed to NH (a tweet that was true in content, though should have been fact-checked); but the hubris that Trump has makes me wary.  He is a chameleon of the highest order.

Ted may not have the most handsome appearance.  I know he doesn't have the appeal of Reagan or the rugged good looks that we think we need in a leader, but he will be a great President.  He will lead with honesty, integrity, and he will take a careful look before leaping in foreign conflicts (where Rubio is more of a leaper).   He will tear into whichever candidate the Demoncrats put up against us, and he will always act in a Constitutionally consistent manner.  This means state's rights, Lefties.  He will leave important social issues up to the states to solve.  It's an important distinction.  And, frankly, I'm not sure Trump really gets that part of the whole "Conservative" thing.  In fact, I think Donald is lately come to the Conservative political philosophy, and would, therefore, prefer to hire him to build the wall instead of hiring him to run the executive branch of our government in a Constitutionally consistent manner.  We need Ted Cruz and I hope that you will overlook the lack of charisma, the strangeness of his looks, to the character of the man who should be the next President of the United States of America.

Just a note of remembrance and thanks to a man who influenced me and taught me what I know and love about Conservatism.  Thanks, Bob!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It is Time to Ignore Obama

Yeah, I get it.  Somehow the Liberals have convinced you that gun rights don't matter a wit.  After all, I'm sure that a background check would have saved the grade school kids at Sandy Hook and the movie theater attendees in Colorado.  No?  You disagree that a background check would have saved lives?  Huh.

It's not rocket science, folks, it's common sense.  We have the right in this country to bear arms.  That doesn't mean that you can equate a right of ownership to yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater like Obama just did to justify his lawlessness.  That, on it's face, is ridiculous.  First and foremost, the real life example is not to compare it to our 1st Amendment right to free speech.  The real life example is to say that we can't all own nuclear weapons; that's the comparison, because the 2nd Amendment is a right stemming from our natural rights discussed clearly in the Declaration of Independence.  It is a right that we have as a populace to own our own protection AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT.

But Barack Obama and his idiotic Attorney General Lynch (which is not an accepted name on the Left) sat in front of the fawning Praetorian guard media and the sycophant Sheeple today and gave us the most psychotic Liberal tripe I have yet heard from this one-time adjunct instructor (NOT a full professor of ANYTHING...least of all the Constitution of the United States of America) followed by even less intelligible gibberish from Ms Lynch.  My God people, we're talking about your RIGHTS here and you are fully willing to hand them OVER.

Hell, just give up now, hand the ruling class the power and live your lives knowing that you are safe in the bosom of Socialism and all your needs will be met by the government and it's brilliant political elite.  Give them everything now, because they WILL take it.  There is not ONE example of Socialism that works for a population of 300 million.  That is why the Socialists ended up killing 60 million Orthodox Christians and Pol Pot killed over 4 million of his own, the list is long and the facts are overwhelming to the point where the Sheeple aren't able to process the evil that it takes to kill giant swathes of the populace; the political elite  don't want to be challenged and they are willing to kill in order to protect themselves.  I know, I know, that will never happen in the US, never.  We're going to be a Democratic Socialist country where it actually does work.  The people who have grown up in the safety of a society created by capitalism and under girded with Christianity are blissfully ignorant avoiding the lessons of history at their peril.

It will start with the psychiatrists hired by our government who will come into our lives recommended by the state and they will throw dissenters in psych wards.  There will be news of reporters and right-wing "loons" who needed to be hospitalized; I bet if you look hard enough, it's already happened.  I wonder what ever happened to the guy who made a stupid video used as the excuse for Benghazi by an evil Secretary of State.  We have enough Conservatives in this country to bring attention to these things, but will the Sheeple listen?

I believe in free markets, Liberty, our Constitution, and the ideas on which this country was founded; and I believe in these things so strongly that I am willing to defend them with my life.  I would prefer that my life not be spent in a psych ward, but I am willing to say the things that will eventually make me unpopular in the power structure.  I will also have to have my gun rights taken from me against my will.  I am willing to defy what I believe is an extra-constitutional executive order that is clearly made by an individual intent on changing the structure of our founding.  In essence, Mr. Obama can kiss my Lilly White Ass.  And if he wants to push it, I'm willing to push back.

I believe this administration has over-stepped its bounds.  It is time for Obama to be ignored.  We can start with the FACT that Obama just let two criminals who were convicted of gun crimes and sentenced to appropriate sentences out of jail because, well, I'm still trying to figure that one out.  Apparently, the explanation is that we have too many people in jail.  Well, stop letting people into the country!  So, while he seeks to curtail our Constitutional Rights on one hand, he lets criminals out of jail who have abused those rights on the other.  I believe something here violates his oath of office to protect me and my family (in addition to the release of 5 lieutenants in ISIS in trade for a "prisoner" of war who is now being tried for treason); due to these and myriad number of extra-Constitutional acts of Utopian Socialism, BO is no longer my President.  I no longer recognize a President of the United States.

You know, I felt scattered in organizing my thoughts for this Blog.  I don't usually.  I usually have very organized thoughts and a very clear road to expressing those thoughts.  But today was different.  I've never experienced such a feeling as I did today: that given the blatant actions by this President and his cadre of Socialists, that I am no longer attached to a branch of my government.  I no longer believe that this Administration believes in my Constitution.  I do believe they are trying to overthrow my beautiful country and it is difficult to write about.  There are so many blatant examples of treasonous behavior that it takes ones breath away.  I understand now the crushing defeat the Solzhenitsyn felt when he had to leave his country.  Even upon his return, he knew that though there had been progress, his country was now under the jackboot of another power, the power of the globalist mobsters and political elite.  Communism is now considered quaint, but "democratic socialism" is all the rage.  The struggle continues.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Home for Rent Blog Address

Hello to those interested in our rental properties. To see pictures of our 2-level home on 7337 Tumbleweed Dr. please visit You can google map the address and see that it is located 2.2 miles up Miller Creek Rd. close to the Wal Mart on 93, Safeway, Applebee's, etc. You can e-mail us at or Thanks! Linlee [cut & paste into your browser]