Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Booker's Ballyhoo

Cory Booker is making a fool out of himself today. His audition for President is a sad, pathetic, attempt at market analysis. 

How will he test in the white middle-class market? Will he be able to engender the same support that Obama did when he lied to the American people claiming that he was a friend of the Jewish state, a middle-of-the-road, blue-dog, business-supporting, entrepreneurial, candidate? Give it up, Cory. You are a failed mayor. You don't have the same sharp crease in your khaki's and the adoration of Chris Matthews. And the fact that you would break Senate protocol to testify against a fellow Senator on the eve of his confirmation to a cabinet position with no facts to substantiate your accusation that he is a racist homophobe is all we need to know about your character. 

Fortunately, your ridiculous testimony was quickly annihilated by the testimony from a group of lawyers and lay people who have known Sen. Sessions for 20 or more years (parenthetically, they were black).  Did Cory Booker present an example of Sen. Sessions lying to the American people, disobeying the law, or discriminating against a gay, black, lesbian, or other person?  Nope.  Nothing.  There is not a single example of Sen. Sessions discriminating against anyone, and Cory Booker, listening to the siren song of the Black Caucus, made the piss-poor judgement to testify against the soon-to-be Attorney General.  Had he thought carefully, not something he is known for, he might have envisioned how his testimony would play out.  Who else would be testifying against Sen. Sessions?  Who would be testifying for him and when?  

But, he did get his headline testimony and with the collaboration of the US press corps (pronounced CORE), he will begin his attempt to fill the space left by our Whiner-in-Chief.  He'll need to spiff it up a little, though.  Those are some very sharp creases and shiny shoes to fill.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The True Colors of the Totalitarian Left

The true colors of the Left are on full display tonight as the sore losers take to the streets for their final hurah.  What these numnuts burning fires and causing headaches for the police don't see or feel around them is the pure joy of millions of entrepreneurs, unemployed oil workers, restauranteurs, and home-based business owners who now know that the wicked witch is dead!  We are joyous with the anticipation at the death of Obamacare, one of the most aggregious transfers of wealth at the hands of politicians since the New Deal. 

The scare-mongering is just beginning as the failed linguist Paul Krugman pens yet another ridiculous column, this time warning that the markets will "never recover!"  I've got only one thing to say to the leader of the Left, "Don't Sleep in the Jungle, there are Snakes!"  I would think that we could finally push Dr. Krugman from his Leftist pedestal with the penning of his obviously piss-poor analysis of market behavior.  This guy is done being of any influence in the economic arena; perhaps he should go back to his linguistic roots and work on his failed theories there.  It's time for media outlets like CRTV and PJMEDIA to take their rightful places in the forefront of political discussion. 

Most entrepreneurs and professional business people are too busy to listen to those who base their theories of everything on "models." These Americans are too busy getting their products ordered, shelved, and marketed to worry that some Leftist has-been thinks the markets might never recover and, frankly, that sounds like bunk to them because with the death of Obamacare, lower taxes, and regulatory moratoriums, they think it sounds more like Morning in America! 

I've been humming, "Nah, na, na, nah, na, na, na, nah, hey, hey, hey, Goodbye," for 12 hours, and my favorite thing to do now is to pick out the little American flags on the cars in traffic.  I don't feel like there is a guillotine hanging over my head anymore which is an entirely new experience after a solid year of believing that Americans would buy the lies that Hillary Clinton was selling in her campaign.  After listening to Obama move to the right in his campaign, using the buzzwords, "entrepreneurship," and "small business," knowing that as soon as he won the election, he asked most of America to "sit in the back of the bus," I feared that the working class would    once again believe the lies so carefully crafted by the Left to fool Mr. & Mrs. American Entrepreneur and with little or no fight in the Republican candidate in 2012, it was hard for me to believe that Donald Trump was going to convince my compatriots that we could bring free market capitalist principles to the fight.  I should have believed because he was, afterall, the only Republican candidate who bucked the establishment advisors and brought the Clinton history front and center at the debates.  It was the first time that a Republican showed some guts and threw the sexual predator charge right back in the faces of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Do I think it made a difference in the minds of some of the voters?  Absolutely.  I would have gone further, of course.  I would have brought up the crass and devastating actions of Hillary Clinton when she fired lifetime Whitehouse travel staff with little notice to replace them with her buddies from Arkansas.  It was a classless act and one that should haunt her to her grave.  The non-partisan staffers had warmly welcomed every president from Carter forward and she packed up their belongings and threw them out on their ears, and she wasn't even the President!  I would have voted against her for that alone.

In retrospect, I think it was the fact that Trump was a fierce fighter, a characteristic I disliked intensely during the primary when he devastated my candidate with attacks on his father and wife that were beyond the pale, that brought the American people to their feet and created the movement that resulted in a Republican victory.  It may have been the Republican's year in any case, but there was something in the Trump candidacy that Americans didn't see in Romney that brought them to the polls and I admit wholeheartedly that I am grateful for it.  I am also grateful that the Never Trumper crowd was less of a crowd and more of a reactionary few who will now melt into the "movement" and be forgiven for disliking the candidate who will bring back prosperity to America.  It's OK in America to dislike your party's candidate, and it's OK to believe that we might, once again find hope in the form of free-market capitalism in our Constitutional Republic.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Horrified Hillary

That Hillary Clinton is "horrified" by Donal Trump's reticence to accept the election results in a country where hundreds of venues submit suspect election results, where we accept that the black panthers can stand 20 feet from a ballot box, and where the Demoncrats put up an absolute FIT about hanging chads in Florida is hypocrisy at its finest.  In a recent Star Talk hosted by one of my favorites, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the participants discussed alternate universes as an accepted part of string theory.  It is my contention that our parallel realities are bumping up against one another on a regular basis during this election cycle and I have landed in the universe that should not exist.  I love you Neil, even though you are a little nuts about the climate change issue, but can we find a way to control this so that I live in the universe where Liberty is the accepted order?  I want to jump out of this universe and into that one, please.  Maybe we could work on that.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Death of the Republican Party

Oh, I hope I'm proven wrong.  But when the leadership of your party is more concerned with K street than Main Street, it is on it's way to the trash-heap of history.  It is possible that the American people, stressed-out by $12,000/year medical policies, loath to hand even more power to the federal government, sick of 20 Trillion dollars in debt and growing, may stop toying with ideological pursuits, recognize that their principles might have to take a hit, again, and vote for the nominee of our party, but I doubt it.  They are far too interested in moral suicide.

I befriended many of the Never-Trump crowd in my zeal to support a true Constitutional Conservative, Ted Cruz; and I have been loath to criticize them because I also have a difficult time voting for someone who is lately come to the Republican party, cannot define even one principle of conservative philosophy or discuss Liberty though he graduated from one of the best schools in the country, and is obviously a shrewd financier!  He has never considered political philosophy much less read any of the great philosophers, or studied our history to any great extent.  This is mildly frustrating to those of us who strongly believed that a Cruz/Rubio ticket would have crushed the obviously damaged goods the Democrat Party has put forward.

But there is one thing the Democrat Party has that we Republicans do not...millions who don't care about history, liberty, philosophy, classical republicanism, economics, or freedom for that matter.  They are willing to elect a liar who they believe has been given a "bad rap" and let her grow the government, open the borders, and fully liberalize our court system without a thought that this will crush entrepreneurship and finally slam shut the door to Liberty, private property rights, religious freedom, and our Republic, in no uncertain terms.  We will have the government to care for us.  We may not receive any care, but the government is there and it will be ubiquitous.  At every turn we will have the government to "help."

Our future business plans are uncertain.  We will likely close our doors if the economy continues to falter (and yes, it continues to falter...1% growth is not "growth," folks), and try a more variable-cost friendly business model, leaving the fixed-cost brick and mortar to those with higher margins.  And though we are the only Billiard shop in Western Montana, we are selling goods bought with the most disposable of all income and there will be little of that with no energy development, no coal, no industry of any kind leaving Montanans to rely upon the entrepreneurial and the transient.  Our property values will be supported by those who must escape the southern states as they slowly morph into third world countries with the attendant violence and low property values. 

For those in similar predicaments, please support the Convention of the States Project.  The only way, and I mean ONLY way that we will save our Republic after years and years of economic malfeasance will be by using our 5th Amendment.  I, for one, will fight to limit the terms of those who practice politics as a profession, limit judges who legislate from the bench to name just a few of the important amendments that we must pass.  I will ignore those who believe that the Convention process will somehow be hijacked even though 39 states must vote to pass amendments and press forward in the name of Liberty for my kids and my country.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Warrior Stands Fast

The reaction to Ted Cruz' speech at the #RNC tonight says much more about the Trump supporters than it does about Ted Cruz' character.  When Reagan appeared at "Ford's" convention and spoke briefly of unity, he basically did the same thing that Ted Cruz did tonight.  Cruz, highly insulted by personal attacks by Trump and his surrogates, could be forgiven, in a civil society, for not endorsing Mr. Trump. In fact, I'm guessing that had he endorsed Trump, his political capital would have been hurt far worse than it has by saying, "vote your conscience," to a room full of people who may not feel entirely comfortable with their choice.  And Group Think is a powerful thing.  Those who might have given Ted a pass were surrounded by boos and cat-calls and other unbelievably rude and un-unifying behavior and probably felt compelled to join in the popular uprising.  It is, afterall, far more fun to Boo and criticize than it is to defend a warrior to a mob.  And make no mistake, Ted Cruz is one of our finest warriors. 

I sympathize wholeheartedly with those who must now defend their vote against Trump as being one of principle and not a vote to install Hillary Clinton to the executive.  Donald Trump won his party's nomination by lying about Ted Cruz' character, demeaning his wife and then attacking his father.  Not once did DJT have to match wits w Ted Cruz one on one in a debate about policy where we could take the measure of DJTs Conservatism.  Nope, Trump proved himself to be a talented politician, avoiding a one-on-one policy debate with the most talented Conservative debater in the field.  It was downright Clintonesque. 

The Trump campaign had a chance tonight to mend fences, contain the rude behavior, and manage expectations; afterall, Trump knew what was in Cruz' speech.  Instead, in true political scorched earth policy fashion, they crushed Conservative voices and, once again, attacked our Conservative warrior.  Instead of taking yet another opportunity to mend fences, they chose to foment the rage of Group-think gone wild and, led by a delegation from NY that cannot even deliver its own state come election night, they sent out the surrogates to insult and demean conservative voices. 

Ted is a Snake, a Liar, a Scumbag; all these words are flying around the blogosphere wrapped in statements like, "It's Cruz' fault we're not unified!"  Huh, it makes scratching one's head seem redundant.  How is a Conservative standing on principle, calling for unity, and telling his supporters to vote their conscience as  Constitutional Conservatives not unifying? 

In the Trump world of group think, there is no room for dissent of any kind, THAT is how it is not unifying.  They know that their candidate is not a Constitutional Conservative.  If Trump had cared to unify his party, he would have told the NY delegation to hold their fire.  But he doesnt care. 

Trump doesn't care about Conservative thought, values or beliefs; he could give a crap about our Constitution and  the importance of adhering to its principles in the face of Alinskiite attacks on our society, and he could give a hoot about 1/3 of his party because that's not how he operates.  He is a take no prisoners guy and unity is not as important as building brand, destroying perceived dissent, and "winning" at all costs. 

So, to all those Trump supporters out there who seem to value unity and accuse Cruz of creating dissent, get over it.  Our warrior didn't create the problem, YOU did.  Keep attacking Conservatives and you will go down in the flames of November with nothing, very much like the NY delegation will.  Hold your fire, get to work, and start campaigning instead of frothing at the mouth to kill Conservative dissent and you MIGHT have a chance to beat the Clinton machine because, frankly, this election shouldnt even be close.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Off with Their Socialist Heads!

Self-proclaimed Socialist politicians like Bernie "Feel the Bern" Sanders should be required to read ALL of Alexander Solzhenitsyn ' s Gulag series while sitting in a jail cell.  I am outraged that in our country where we have been given the great gift of political and market freedom, where moronic men like Bernie Sanders have spent their lives immersed in the bossom of capitalism while complaining of its inequities, we do not punish this rank stupidity in the face of Socialism ' s failures. 

NO!  The "rest of the civilized world" does not have socialized medicine!  NO! Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland are NOT "democratic socialist" countries.  In fact, there is a great book just out that addresses the development of these market economies and it's thesis is that after many years of the Socialist experiment, these governments are moving away from the failed nanny - state policies that slowed growth and productivity toward capitalist free-market economics. 

As I watch the utter failure of yet another Socialist experiment resulting in massive human suffering, my anger Is palpable.  I am tired of not only watching the human suffering resulting from Socialism ' s inevitable slide into despotic tyranny, but also having to watch as free Americans who don't have to rob trucks for food practically BEG for the same policies from our political elite Leftists who use cute slogans like "Feel The Bern," to market dangerous political policies to people who have been educated in schools that no longer teach history, which they are doomed now to repeat.  I do not want to go with them. Nor do I want my country to become a Socialist haven like Venezuela.

I'm suggesting that Socialism is dangerous, creates opportunity for despots and that yes, no government at all would be better than giving a central authority the power to ruin so many lives.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I say, "Bump, Bump, Chumps for Trump!"

This is my anti-Trump bump, a white-girl rap that will insult the Trump Chumps as much as I am willing to insult them at this time.  I'm excited that you're excited...I am.  But, wow, really?  Is he two?  His last rant consisted of "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" language usually reserved for the kindergarten playground.  

When asked what Conservatism meant to him, he drew a blank; and his business dealings will out...he can't hide them forever.  Hopefully, his mob connections will give Hillary pause before she orders her own hit on the man.  Oh, I know, my Lib friends are exclaiming, drawing in deep breaths, etc., but just consider:  I'm not saying Trump's not corrupt, I'm pretty sure he's corruptible, but COME ON... Hillary?!

And the Birther Crap, I cannot tolerate it!.  It is purely and simply crap, and if you are going to bring it up, then you need to read, alot, but mainly this:

The word "Chump" came to me as I listened to Trump backtrack on HB1 Visas.  The argument that we do not have enough young workers trained in Science, Mathmatics and Computer Programming is a lie perpetrated by those who wish to defend the status quo in STEP industry wage levels, which have remained flat through the last 10 years. 

Stagnant wages in STEP industry jobs directly correlate to HB1 Visas causing demand for these jobs to increase.  Do you think that the big software companies and tech industry giants need a government subsidy in the form of foreign workers who will accept low wages?  Yeah, me either.  Cruz has come out firmly, as usual, on the right side of this issue. 

But my guy isn't a bombastic Scot with crazy hair, years of reality TV brand recognition, and an unending supply of cash.  Instead, he was the valedictorian of his high school class, he's had to work at being "cool," and he pissed off the establishment when he stood against a vote proposed by Sen. McConnell to trick voters into thinking their chosen Senators were supporting something when they were not. 

McConnell,  in fact, berated Cruz in front of his colleagues and when the vote came down, only Mike Lee from UT and Ted Cruz voted correctly.  Even Rand Paul blew that one. 

Cruz graduated Summa Cum Laud from his Harvard class after serving as the President of the Law Review and as if that weren't enough, he went on to clerk for William Renquist, one of the most brilliant jurists our Supreme Court has ever known.  Renquist insisted that Cruz learn to play tennis and though he was awful at the game, he took lessons and learned to play because it was important to be present in the justice's downtime in order to better understand him. 

After leaving the clerkship, Cruz brought nine cases before the court and he did not lose one.  He remembers everything he ever hears, which has a name that I can't remember, but the point is that he is conservative, brilliant, and tireless in his defense of our Bill of Rights.  And we need that now.

He faces an uphill battle with a public easily swayed by charisma and brand and a media that pretends Cruz doesn't exist.  In a discussion about who might beat Donald Trump on Fox news this past weekend, Dagan McDowell opined that "women don't like to listen to Ted Cruz." Maybe she's right, maybe we have come to the time in our society when, if you are not acceptable by media standards, and you don't have all the right moves, you can't win the nomination.  Frankly, Dagan McDowell, given her strange looks and bizarre voice, should give Ted Cruz a break.

And, Dagan, I like listening to serious, intelligent, trustworthy people who say what they mean and then DO what they say they will do,  and Ted Cruz is that guy.  Whether the rest of the Conservative base will wake up and vote for the right guy, we will not know for a while yet.  But one thing is for certain-sure!  If the nominee is Trump, I will don my "Chump" hat and vote with the rest of the Trump Chumps, no matter what.